Baby's First Holidays Monthly Milestone Stickers Boy

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Baby's First Holidays Monthly Milestone Stickers Boy


Monthly milestone stickers are a perfect way to show off your babies growth from month to month. They are the perfect baby shower gift and new mothers are loving them more and more everyday. These are made to fit onto your favorite outfit or piece of clothing. Each month you put a new sticker on showing what they look like at that point. You take their picture and show it off to friends and family, then tuck them away in their baby books for safe keeping.

Just stick it, click it, and share it! These come nicely packaged ready to give as gifts.

What is included:
Set of 13 - Large 4" stickers printed on high gloss sticker stock. One for each month of their first year plus a newborn sticker.

They are drool proof but not washing machine proof. Stickers are made for a one time use for pictures and then tuck them away for their baby books. These are printed and ready for shipment.